Left4DeadForums is one of the most active and fastest growing fan forums for Left 4 Dead, a very popular cooperative first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Valve Software, having sold over 2.5 million copies for PC and XBox.

Launched in November 2008, Left4DeadForums quickly grew into one of the most active Left 4 Dead fan sites. ActiveIdeas.com acquired Left4DeadForums in late April, 2009, with an eye toward adding new features for members, moving the site to our robust servers to minimize site downtime and improve responsiveness, and further promoting the growth of the member base and content.


Left4DeadForums offers members and visitors a wealth of information, tutorials and technical assistance relating to all aspects of Left 4 Dead. Dedicated forum sections are available for discussion of the various Left 4 Dead gameplay modes, clans and matchmaking, technical problems and troubleshooting, as well as L4D mods, maps and other custom content.

Left4DeadForums also provides members free access to public and private Left 4 Dead servers, and hosts frequent tournaments and competitions.

Other features include:

  • Gallery - Free gallery for members to share Left 4 Dead screenshots and images.
  • Blogs - Fully integrated member blogs.
  • Social Networking - Member profiles, contact lists, private messaging, social groups, and more.
  • Premium Memberships - Members can upgrade their user accounts to gain additional forum features and permissions, and hide advertisements.
  • Left4DeadForums Gaming Servers - All members are offered free access to our public gaming servers, and premium members can also make use of exclusive private servers, with locations in North America and Europe.
  • Custom Enhancements - Dozens of other enhancements to the base vBulletin platform have been implemented on Left4DeadForums to provide additional user-friendliness, convenience, and advanced features.


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